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Affiliate marketing of shoe is more profitable or a watch

Affiliate marketing of shoe is more profitable or a watch? Affiliate marketing is one of the leading industries in the field of affiliate marketing. In this article I am going to talk about Affiliate marketing of shoe is more profitable or a watch? As we all know that there are so many beginners who are starting affiliate marketing as their career and they are so much confused in choosing the niche of the products. So I am here to explain to you the exact and simple process to choose the profitable niche for affiliate marketing. In this article, you are going to receive so many things such as what is affiliate marketing? How to choose the affiliate marketing niche to become a successful affiliate marketer. So without wasting any time let’s start the article.

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What is affiliate marketing and is this a good career choice in 2021?

Affiliate marketing is the simple process of selling or promoting the other companies products and earning some of the commissions on each and every sales. There are so many affiliate marketer working hard to make the third party sales and they earn commission on these sales. Now the another question arises, Is this good career option in 2021? Cna we get started in this field. My answer is yes, Do you know why? Let me tell you that in the 20th centuary everything is getting online whether it is ecommerce, returant and even railway tickets.

People used to prefer online buying of any type of product. So there are so many affiliate marketers who are making their good career in this field. So I recommend you get started with affiliate marketing without any problem this year.

Affiliate marketing of shoe is more profitable or a watch

Now we will have a look at which niche is best for affiliate marketing, shoe, or watch. For this, we will use tools and see which one of the products is on-trend. After looking at the search volume we can decide the product is profitable or not. Now I would like to make you understand this situation with the help of an example.

Affiliate marketing of shoe

At first we will look at the affiliate marketing of the shoe. There are so many people who used to wear shoes in their houses or for their daily uses. Now we will know can we start our affiliate marketing career with the shoe? For this we will have to look at the charts and analyze them manually then only we can understand this.

Affiliate marketing of shoe is more profitable or a watch
affiliate marketing of shoe

In the above image, we can see the search volume of she in India. On the basis of this, we can decide whether the shoe will be a profitable niche for affiliate marketing or not? Moreover, here we can see the difficulty percentage also.

Affiliate marketing of watch

in the above paragraph we have seen the affiliate marketing for shoes. Now we will learn about the affiliate marketing for watch. Now you can see in the graph of search volume of watch and analyze whether it is profitable niche for affiliate marketing or not?

Affiliate marketing for watch
Affiliate marketing for watch

In the above image, I have mentioned the graph. Where I have discussed the search volume of the watch. You can see and analyze that it has a search volume of around 5k and having low difficulty. So you can use this niche for affiliate marketing.


In this article, I have mentioned the Affiliate marketing of shoe is more profitable or a watch. I have tried to make you clear about both products. Which of them are having good search volume. I have tried my level best to make you clear about this. I hope that you might like the article.

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