How to become a fashion blogger

Today in this topic we will get to know about the And many more information will be provided to you in this topic so read very carefully and slowly to all about the written things. I hope this information will be helpful to you which I m going to make you know about in this topic.

To become a fashion blogger you need to follow the following steps:
So let’s start with the topic and the steps how to became a fashion blogger.

  • 1.) Research about the blog.
  • 2.)decide the name of the blog and domain name of the item which you are going to start.
  • 3.)you need to know about search engines optimization and social media marketing details.
  • 4.) Decide the name of the blog on which you are going to start.
  • 5.) Learn basic of coding and all that sort of things required in this faishon blog.
  • 6.) You need to know about the nicho and niche blogs.
  • 7.) Blogging platform.

Now let’s know about them in detail what they are.


Before starting your blog you need to do setup up the blog and know about them in detail, and do a lot of research on the kind of blog which you are going to start. Do search about some people on what they are Blogging then only your fashion Blogging will be successful. You also need to see it’s your self-started blog or free blog or hosting blog.

2.)decide the name of the blog and the domain name.

For those who don’t know about the domain. First, they have to know about the domain name. Domain has to apply in your blog to avail access to your account. Once you have decided to do a blog you have to work on that and start doing a blog of that type.

3.)search engine optimization and social marketing.

This will make you known about your blog and says the strength of the blog in which place it will occur in Google. Social media is what you need to increase your followers and attract visitors to your profile.
Go ahead and set up social media for your blog. We are talking about the fashion blog then you must have an Instagram page.

4.) Decide the name of the blog.

Look at some designs during doing research. There are many free templates available on th3 websites and the sites of buyers you can visit them can buy from there. If everything works well you can buy a free template from there.

5.)learn basic of coding.

There are many platforms and designs options are available. It always basic to learn about the coding of HTML and all that to use frequently basic of coding.

6.)nicho and niche blogs.

You have to decide you have to do niche or niche blog. Don’t be panic understand carefully. Niche covers the long topic and niche covers the short topic.

7.)blogging platform.

It is always easier to set up your blog, and thanks to the platform which makes it easier for people. It also depends on the free blog or your setup blog.

I hope this information will be helpful to you. Soon i will be back with a new topic

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