How to remove the Facebook popup window from your blogger theme?

I want to remove the Facebook popup widget from the custom Blogger template Whatever I do it still appears Please tell me how can I remove it. Hello everyone this is Pritam and welcome back to the blog. Today I am going to talk about how to remove the Facebook popup window from the blogger theme? There are so many new bloggers who don’t have much idea about the blogger, They don’t know about the blogger and their templates. Simply download the templates from the other sources and install them into the blog. But they don’t know that all the third parties sources used to add some of the ads and popup advertisements to promote their products through the blog. This is the main reason we should not download the theme from any third-party website. In this article, I am going to mention some of the best websites from where you can download the free blogger templates. Moreover, we will also know that how we can remove all the ads and advertisements from the blogger templates. This is a sufficient overview of the article. Let’s start the article.

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Top best sources to get free blogger templates

At first, I will tell you about some of the best and free stations from where you can get the free blogger templates. As we all know that all beginners go through the blogger in order to get start their blogging career. But do you know one thing why they actually move to this field? Yes, only because they see an easy-to-use interface and a free one is also one of the best reasons. But when it comes to the templates they simply go to google and search for the templates to download and they simply download it from any of the third-party sources. Only a few of them are trusted sites, Now let’s look at some of the trusted sites from where you can download some of the best and premium blogger templates-

These are some of the best sources from where you can download and use the premium blogger templates for your website/blog.

How to remove any Facebook popup from the blogger theme?

Suppose you have successfully downloaded any templates and install them into your website. But now what you will do if you are facing so many Facebook popups on your website? Don’t worry, just follow my steps in order to remove this unusual popup from the blog. You will have to go to the edit HTML of the theme. Now here you will have to search for the Facebook popup. Once you will do so then you will be able to see the code for the Facebook popup. Now simply you will have to remove this code. Once you will do so then the popup will be removed from the blog. Now your visitors can easily access the post of the website.


In this article, I have mentioned how to remove the Facebook popup window from the blogger themes. I have also mentioned some of the best and the free platforms from where you can get the blogger template. You can use all the free blogger templates from this site. I hope that you might like the article.

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