Top best loan apps for students

While students as a dream To study in a proper way so that they can succeed in their future life.
Most of the banks provide financial loans to students or people to do their work and get what they want but as we know they provide loans only to salaried professionals. The study is at a loss when it comes to money problems and financial problems…

So here to discuss the great mobile apps which can give loans to you and some online platforms which can give easily loans to students. with no further explanation let’s begin with the topic.

5 best loan apps for students

  • mPokket
  • pocketly
  • red carpet
  • krazybee
  • sahukar

Let’s discuss them in detail:


Mpokket is one of the easiest and instant providers loan apps, they give loans to colleges and school students. Students can request a loan of 500rs to 20,000rs. Only you have to follow simple steps to get a loan, you have to submit a copy of your student id and aadhar card and after that, you are all set to go.

Mpokket will send you the money directly to your bank account the account which you have provided at the time of registration. You can get this money to your Paytm wallet also and you have to return this money in a period of 1 to 3 months at an interest rate of 3.5%. Only 18+ age students can apply for loans and only know bank students can apply for this loan.


It offers easy cash to people anytime. It provides you an instant loan comparing to other apps. You can download it on Google play. You can apply for an easy loan that will avail fast and instant with no minimum values. Tou have to return amount in nearly about 1to 3 month’s same tenure as the first one, At an interest rate of 1 to 3% month.

3.) RedCarpet

With RedCarpet students can avail loans in online or offline transactions. This platform provides instant free loans to students. You can take a loan between a range of 1 000to 6,000 users can apply for EMI if you want to pay it within months.
The app has safe and secure security systems for all users and also provides you the Atm cash and pos withdrawal. You can have Mastercard in this loan App.


This app is great for fast loans and college students. You can give only college id proof and address proof and can avail of the loan in this app. You can take a loan as per your semester fees. You can pay a loan to this app within 12 months of EMI.
Only age of 18+ can avail of this loan application


It is the easiest loan platform for students and provides fast loans for students. You can take a loan amount of 500rs to 5000rs and can return within 90 days at an interest rate of 3% per month. Only you need to download this app.

The loan amount taken can be created into your bank account or Paytm wallet instantly. It requires no physical application for verification.

So these is the top 5 best loan apps for students which you can go for or apply for it. I hope this information will be helpful to you and I will be back with a new topic soon.

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